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nekkr lightweight

Lightweight vs. Heavyweight


Snowmobile Nekkrs come in Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight.

Deciding which is right for you is a matter of personal preference.  Asking which is better will vary in response from rider to rider.  Some riders swear by heavyweight and some swear by the lightweight.

All Nekkrs will plow away the snow and help to keep you dry and warm.  All snowmobile Nekkrs are water and wind resistant and will help protect you from cold and frostbite.  The only real difference is the density and stiffness of the material.  If you want to feel as if you have nothing on, try the Lightweight.  If you want to feel the protection, go with the Heavyweight.  Midweight is now available and great for those who want a little of both.  Below are some pictures to illustrate the difference in materials.

Heavyweight is stiffer and holds it's shape better..

Lightweight moves with you..


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