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Nekkr is a weather resistant bandana that attaches to your helmet, not your face, allowing for a protective space of air between you and the Nekkr.

Nekkr was conceived out of a passion for riding and a desire to stay out longer during the days when cold, wind or frostbite would normally drive you in.  Balaclavas and face masks allow snow, wind and rain to collect around your neck and they often freeze to your face when they're wet, making you even colder.  Nekkr attaches to your helmet, instead of your face, allowing a protective space of air between you and the Nekkr which helps keep you dry and warm so you can ride all day.  The open back deisgn allows for fresh air flow which is better for breathability and for reducing and/or eliminating fogging of your goggles.


Nekkr has a quick attach and release system that allows you to quickly and easily put on or take off your Nekkr without having to remove your helmet, hat or goggles to use it.


Nekkr is the perfect accessory for all helmeted sports.


Nekkr for deep snow riding

Snoriders Magazine


I’m not sure what’s worse: having snow fall down your neck or wearing a balaclava? Neither is ideal. Thankfully, there is another solution on the market and it’s called the Nekkr.

Made by a company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Nekkr is like a bandana, only it’s waterproof, windproof and it attaches right onto your helmet. To keep it from flying up, there is a powerful magnet on the Nekkr that attaches to a Nekkr pin on your jacket. The open back design of the Nekkr allows for fresh air flow. In addition to keeping you warm and dry, the Nekkr is even said to reduce goggle fogging.

“These things work,” said Team Slednecks rider Derek Wood of Revelstoke, B.C. “If riding deep pow is your thing, you’re gonna want to have a Nekkr attached to your lid. I’ve been thinking of ways to keep the snow out of my neck for years now on the deep days when big downhill descents couldn’t get any better, and after discovering the Nekkr that problem no longer exists.”

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