- Ultimate Protection from the Elements
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             AT LAST!!!
NEKKR's one of a kind design plows snow away from your face, neck and clothing.  NEKKR helps you to eliminate frostbite, snow inside your jacket and frozen zippers.  Our unique design means less fogging in your goggles and less fogging
means you ride longer!  
Unlike bandanas, balaclavas, etc., NEKKR's patented design attaches to the outside of your helmet instead of attaching directly against your face and/or neck.  This means the snow is not touching or freezing to your face, neck, clothing, etc.   NEKKR also eliminates wind chill, keeping you more comfortable.


NEKKR is lightweight, water and wind resistant and easily removable.
NEKKR's closure system keeps NEKKR in place while riding.

NEKKR is great for all helmet sports including motorcycling, dirt biking,
                                     snowboarding, skiing, etc.

    Easy to attach  
and remove.
     fits in a pocket.

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